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Skin in Need of a Summertime Saviour? Sit Your Cheeky Bum Down for This

Skin in Need of a Summertime Saviour? Sit Your Cheeky Bum Down for This

When you peek out of your window at 7 pm, it’s still light.

The days seem to finally be getting longer, with bright mornings and light afternoons.

Sure, it’s absolutely lashing it down with rain, but this change can only mean one thing – summer is coming!

There’s only one problem…

Your skin is drier than a sandy flip-flop, and you’re pretty sure that you could sand down wood with your knees or elbows at this rate.

Don’t despair just yet, we’ve got just the thing, and it might be your summertime saviour in one convenient, delicious-smelling collection!

Step aside, bum bum… Cheeky Bum has arrived

You might’ve heard of the cult favourite scent, Cheirosa 62, by Sol De Janeiro.

The little white-capped, orange bottle took social media by storm not too long ago, with hordes of people rushing to pick up the scent of the summer and lather and spray themselves head to toe with the body mist and butter.

With this in mind, we sought to create our own spin on Cheirosa 62, which inspired our range of Cheeky Bum products (disclaimer: inspired by, but not affiliated with Sol De Janeiro) with the same summertime vibe.

We’re talking scrumptious, caramel-y and downright tasty scent notes all wrapped up into a whole range of products.

And they’re exactly what you need to get your skin supple in time for summer.

The lowdown on our Cheeky Bum range

Have you ever had that moment when someone walks past you and you get a sudden waft of fragrance that leaves you thinking “what the hell is that, and how can I get some?”.

We’d say that our Cheeky Bum range falls into that category.

With scent notes of pistachio, lemon, cherry, caramel, rose, jasmine and amber, it’s the perfect blend of sweet, summery smells (it literally smells good enough to eat!).

And even better, we’ve not just stopped at a body butter and a body mist – we have a full range of Cheeky Bum products, from a body scrub and exfoliating sponge to a bath bomb and whipped soap and home fragrance.

Does your summer already sound sweeter?

How to use Cheeky Bum for your best summer skin yet

It’s easy to accidentally neglect your skin in winter, given that most of us in the UK are wrapped in fifty layers (heating bills are no joke) to protect us against Baltic winds and torrential rain.

But now that you’re ready and waiting to have more than just your wrists out, it might be time for some TLC.

Here’s how you can use our Cheeky Bum line-up to get your skin in tip-top shape for summer.

1. Exfoliate

Getting rid of any dry, dead skin starts with a good exfoliation routine.

If you don’t exfoliate first, none of your body lotions and creams will be able to sink into your skin well enough to make a big difference!

You can start with our Cheeky Bum body scrub, which contains granulated white sugar to help remove any dead or dry skin.

It’s important to not strip your skin when exfoliating, though, which is why our scrub also contains mango butter, grapeseed oil and glycerin to lock in hydration.

Just scoop some out of the tub and massage the scrub into your damp skin in circular motions (or you can use your cleansing tool of choice) and rinse off.

2. Cleanse

Now you’re suitably exfoliated, it’s time for a gentle cleanse just to ensure you’re squeaky (not literally, preferably) clean and free of any residual sugar scrub.

Our Cheeky Bum whipped soap is the perfect option, as it contains a hydrating blend of mango and cocoa butter and is in the same delicious scent, too.

Because of its whipped fluffy texture, not only is it a dream to apply – you can even shave using it once it’s foamed up – but it’s also not too stripping on your skin after exfoliating.

Just take a bit out of the tub and add to your hands, loofah, sponge, or other cleansing tool of choice and clean yourself in beautifully soft bubbles before rinsing off.

3. Moisturise

This step is critical because your skin will likely be extremely thirsty after exfoliating and cleansing, which means it’s critical to lock in some moisture.

(Especially if you’re a fan of scorching hot showers, as they’re a significant contributor to dry skin!)

Once you’ve stepped out of the shower and gently dried yourself, whilst your skin is still slightly damp, it’s time to work in the Cheeky Bum body butter.

You’ll smell of pistachio, salted caramel and cherry goodness, and the Ucuuba butter, squalane, camellia oil and vitamin E will leave your skin firm and hydrated from your neck down to your cheeky bum and toes.

4. Spritz

Since your skin is all baby-soft and moisturised, it’s the perfect time to top it off with a couple of spritzes of body spray to get that final layer of mouth-watering fragrance.

The good news is that our Cheeky Bum body mist lasts up to 4 hours on your body, meaning you’ll get a portable and lasting boost of succulent scent wherever you go.

We’re not saying it’s summer in a bottle, but it’s pretty damn close!


There you have it! Get your cheeky bum over to our Cheeky Bum collection page to gather your goodies…

That summer skin isn’t going to sort itself out, is it?

We’d recommend not waiting around, either – our Cheeky Bum products do sell out from time to time, so it’s best to snatch them up when you get the chance.

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