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What is a Whipped Soap and How Can It Save You Money?

What is a Whipped Soap and How Can It Save You Money?

There’s no shortage of soaps nowadays, from your standard bar soap all the way up to foam soap in a can and creams and gels.

(Does anyone else get a mixture of nostalgia and a totally stripped feeling on their skin just thinking about bar soap, or is it just us?)

Whipped soap is relatively new to the game, but in our opinion, it could definitely be set to take over the rest.

But what exactly is whipped soap, and how can it save you money (and make you smell amazing)?


What is whipped soap?

Unlike the traditional liquid soaps most of us are used to, whipped soap has a fluffy, thicker texture that contributes to its airy, whipped appearance.

It’s semi-solid and comes in a jar rather than a squeezy bottle, and quite frankly, it looks good enough to eat given that it does resemble somewhat of a whipped dessert (particularly with some of the colour variations available!).

As with other soaps, the texture of a whipped soap changes significantly once it’s combined with water, creating a rich and soft lather that lasts longer than traditional gel soaps.

Most whipped soaps are made with cleansers, butters and oils combined, which gives them their silky and foamy finish when cleansing.

Scentish whipped soaps, for example, are made with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients such as shea butter, grapeseed oil, and glycerin to keep skin soft and silky when used.


How can a whipped soap save me money?

The benefits of whipped soaps are primarily in their fluffy, delectable texture, and this is what makes them a money-saving product!

In short, they’re extremely versatile.

You can use whipped soaps as a hand wash, body wash, and even for shaving because of their soft and gentle lather (unlike many gel and bar soaps that can often feel stripping and drying).

For those with skin that isn’t particularly dry, whipped soaps are also such a gentle cleanser that the butters and oils can be moisturising enough to not require the use of a body lotion after your bath or shower!

And however you choose to use it, the general process is the same:

  1.     Scoop out a small amount of whipped soap onto your cleansing tool of choice (hands, loofah, sponge, exfoliating gloves)
  2.     Work it into a rich, luxurious lather by combining with water
  3.     Massage into skin gently and enjoy the delicious scent
  4.     Rinse off

You can implement one tub of whipped soap into your cleansing routine easily and smoothly, and trust us, it’ll definitely help with getting a super-smooth shave, too!


Whipped soaps are great for your skin and your wallet!

Butters and oils like shea butter, grapeseed oil, mango seed butter and cocoa seed butter are intensely hydrating and nourishing ingredients.

Not only are most whipped soaps vegan and cruelty-free (in the case of Scentish whipped soaps, anyway), they’re rich in vitamins and other skin-loving ingredients.

For many people with sensitive skin, whipped soaps are the perfect alternative to harsher gel, cream and bar soaps because they are more moisturising.

Plus, because a little goes a long way in terms of lathering from just a small amount of whipped soap, it’s likely to last longer and therefore cost much less in the long term!


Sound good?

Good! Because we’ve got a range of 17 whipped soaps and counting, each with different swirls of mesmerising colour and delectable scents (many inspired by your favourite designer perfumes!).

If you don’t know where to start, we’d recommend:

Carbon Poppy: Inspired by YSL’s Black Opium, this whipped soap has notes of pink pepper, jasmine, coffee, vanilla and orange blossom all wrapped up in swirls of black and purple fluffy goodness.

Cheeky Bum: This whipped soap is inspired by Sol De Janeiro’s Cheirosa 62 and is a sweet mix of pistachio, lemon, cherry, salted caramel, rose, jasmine and amber, and it looks and smells like a dessert.

Unicorn Sparkle: Our best-selling whipped soap, Unicorn Sparkle is a sweet blend of candyfloss, raspberry, and vanilla fragrance notes with beautiful swirls of magical colour – it’s definitely Instagram worthy! 

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