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Has the Cheeky Bum Collection Been Our Best Yet? You Decide…

Has the Cheeky Bum Collection Been Our Best Yet? You Decide…

Not to toot our own horn or pat ourselves on our own Cheeky Bums, but our Cheeky Bum collection has been absolutely flying off the shelves.

(We’re pretty sure they’ve flown off so fast that there might be a few bath bomb-related concussions as a consequence.)

When it comes to releasing products, sometimes it really is anyone’s guess which ones will be popular and which might have to wait a while to become a cult classic, but we had a feeling you all might love our Cheeky Bum collection.

But has the Cheeky Bum collection been our best yet? And what do we have planned?

Spoiler alert: it is our best release ever!

Sure, when you do your spin on a cult classic (cough: Sol De Janeiro’s Cheirosa 62, but an inspiration of, not affiliated with), you hope that it’ll do well.

After all, all the different iterations of the Bum Bum cream were flying off shelves everywhere, and though it’s undoubtedly a summer scent, it’s one people enjoy all year round.

But thanks to you lovely lot, it’s actually become our top seller and best release ever, and we’re here to tell you why we think that is.

  1.     The delicious scent

Trust us when we say that once you smell it, you can’t get enough of it.

The notes of pistachio, lemon, cherry, caramel, rose, jasmine, vanilla and musk are the perfect enticing blend for a lover of sweet fragrances that evoke the feeling of walking into a bakery with fresh pastries, strolling under the sun in the middle of summer, and relaxing by the sea on holiday.

If you’re someone who loves fragrance consistency across their products, too, the even better news is that we not only have the body butter, but we also have a range of body and home products with the same scent notes!

  1.     There’s a full range

As mentioned above, the best part about liking our Cheeky Bum scent is that you can get it across a whole product range:

  • Whipped soap
  • Bath bomb
  • Body butter
  • Body mist
  • Body scrub
  • Exfoliating sponge
  • Room spray
  • Wax melt
  • Cheeky Body gift set (butter, scrub, whipped soap)
  • Cheeky Bum gift set (bath bomb, exfoliating sponge, body mist)

If you want your fix with more than just the body butter, you can have your entire routine in the same scent and your home smell like a mouth-watering baked good as well!

  1.     It’s affordable

Now we’re not naming any names, but a lot of similar products cost you an arm, a leg, and a cheeky bum.

Whether you’re looking for a couple of items for your own shower routine, or a gift set for a friend or family member, each option is affordably priced but made with ethical, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

So you’re not only getting great value for what you’re paying, you also know you’re paying towards a business that doesn’t compromise on ingredients and ethics!

  1.     It’s made with quality ingredients

From the cocoa and shea butter in our whipped soap and body butter, to the soy wax of our wax melts (with up to 90 hours of fragrance) and the high-quality parfum of our room spray, each of our Cheeky Bum products are made with the best ingredients.

And they’re all vegan and cruelty-free, giving you peace of mind that everything you’re using is ethically sourced and handmade here in the UK.

  1.     The gift sets!

Our Cheeky Body and Cheeky Bum gift sets have both been an absolute hit, and for good reason.

They’ll both have the recipient (even if it’s yourself… we won’t judge) smelling like a scrumptious snack and suitably relaxed, and it’s all pre-wrapped in beautiful packaging, ready for gifting.

Plus, you’re saving more than you would if you bought the items individually, and you can implement them easily into your self-care lineup.

Don’t just take our word for it!

The items in this collection do sell out from time to time, so you’d be advised to get your bum over to the Cheeky Bum collection page and see what tickles your pickle and drop it into your basket ASAP.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already signed up to our mailing list, you can get 20% off your order for doing just that.

Just pop your email in the footer under ‘keep up with Scentish’ and your discount will be sent over to your inbox.

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