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Father’s Day Gifts Don’t Have to Be Difficult

Father’s Day Gifts Don’t Have to Be Difficult

Sunday 16th June is upon us.

Well, really, half the time we only realise Father’s Day is around the corner the week before, right?

But you promised yourself that this year it’d be different, and you’d get it all sorted ahead of time rather than last minute.

Well, whether it’s a week before or a month before when you’re reading this, we’ve got just the thing to make Father’s Day gifting a little bit easier.


Self-care is the perfect gift

A 2019 study by Psychology Today found that almost 60% of the men they studied acknowledged participating in more self-care practices over the past 5 years.

Given that we’ve since had a global pandemic, economic crises by the dozen, and the world is basically on fire… we’ll take a bet that the number has increased a bit out of necessity.

Point being, gender norms might have you thinking that self-care is an innately feminine practice, but the reality is that we all need time to relax and look after our own wellbeing.

Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect line-up of suitably manly self-care items for fathers everywhere to indulge in.

It might go down a tad better than another Lynx Africa set, too.


Bath bomb lover? Say no more…

Whether you’re looking to gift a dad who already loves a good bath bomb or a dad who simply just spends 40 minutes minimum locked in the bathroom in a bath of borderline lava-temperature water, we’ve got the perfect presents.

(Plus, a long, hot bath can improve sleep quality, aid in relaxation, and soothe aching muscles… which we’re sure dads everywhere need after ‘being on their feet all day’!)

We have three designer aftershave-inspired bath bombs that ought to do the trick:


This bath bomb won’t make your dad turn into Johnny Depp, but it is inspired by Dior Sauvage, so we guess that’s close enough.

It’s fragranced with spicy Sichuan pepper and bergamot, combined with woody notes and patchouli for a rich, undeniably manly scent.

*Not affiliated with the company, scent is an inspiration of the original



What better way to show your dad that he’s the MVP than to give him the M.V.P bath bomb? It’s inspired by Creed Aventus, so expect a strong and sophisticated scent of bergamot, jasmine, and patchouli on a bed of oakmoss.

Plus, it has pretty blue bubbles for him to splash about in that also gently cleanse his skin – it’s a win-win!

*Not affiliated with the company, scent is an inspiration of the original


Shadow Man

Don’t let the swirls of blue, green, and white fool you. This is an invigorating scent blend of lavender, citrus, apple, smoke, vanilla, patchouli and vetiver inspired by Paco Rabanne’s Phantom.

All of our bath bombs are also highly moisturising due to the rice bran oil, so it’s not going to leave your dad drier than sandpaper once he hops out of the bath, either.

*Not affiliated with the company, scent is an inspiration of the original

Designer scent without the eye-watering price?

You know that feeling when you go into a department store and pop over to the fragrance section, spray something that smells positively divine, and then get told the price for a measly 30ml of product?

Yeah, us too.

That’s exactly why we designed a range of long-lasting, luxury fragrance without the luxury price tag.

And if you liked the sound of the scents mentioned above, you’re going to love the fact that they’re all available in Eau de Parfum, too:

Deppth: bergamot, cedar, geranium, bottom notes of caramel and black pepper – Dior Sauvage inspired.

M.V.P: citrus fruits, musk, oakmoss and woody notes – inspired by Creed Aventus.

Shadow Man: lavender, lemon, smoke, apple, patchouli, vanilla, and earthy notes – inspired by Paco Rabanne Phantom.

*Not affiliated with the company, scent is an inspiration of the original


All of our luxury fragrances last for up to 8 hours, which is perfect for people who don’t want to have to carry around their fragrance just to continue smelling 10/10.


Need a scrub-a-dub-dub or sudsy-soap in the tub?

Yep, you guessed it! We also have soap sponges and whipped soaps in those delicious fragrances too.

We’d recommend the soap sponges for a man who loves a nice exfoliating, hard-working cleanse to get rid of all dirt and grime without stripping their skin.

For those who love a totally-still-manly bubbly soap, our whipped soap is a gentle, non-stripping and delightfully colourful alternative to use.

(Psst – we also have a brand-new whipped soap fragrance called Timeless! It’s a blend of bergamot, lemon, olibanum, iris, cedar, warm amber, musk and sandalwood – it’s for men of taste, that’s for sure.)


If that wasn’t enough…

All of our products are Vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade in Lancashire – oh, and you get free delivery in mainland UK when you spend over £25.

If you’d like to keep an eye out for deals that can make your Father’s Day haul even more budget-friendly, sign up to our mailing list for exclusive discounts and new product announcements.

Oh, and say goodbye to Lynx Africa for good. Please.

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