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It’s Time To Give Up the Usual Father’s Day Sh.. Stuff

It’s Time To Give Up the Usual Father’s Day Sh.. Stuff


Underwear (to replace the pairs they’ve had since 1990).



If there was a universal list for Father’s Day presents, we’d all be ticking off most of them, wouldn’t we?

It’s not like we think that’s all they ever want, but it’s hard to avoid the temptation to get them these things when it’s just so much easier.

 And we’re not going to stand here and tell you that your dad might not like some new Adidas trainers… but what if you could round it off with something a bit better, more budget-friendly, and easier?

Enter: Man Things gift set


The Man Things gift set lowdown

Our Man Things gift set is, really, what it says on the tin…

A pre-wrapped set of Man Things for the man in your life that loves bath and body sets that smell absolutely incredible.

It contains:

Deppth whipped soap

A combination of silky-soft soap and luxuriously masculine scent makes this a firm favourite, with scent notes of patchouli, lavender, and geranium, inspired by Dior Sauvage.

It’ll keep skin squeaky clean and soft, and the bubbles that form when it’s lathered are fun too (in a totally masculine way, of course).


Shadow Man soap sponge

This soap contains one of our best-selling scents, with a masculine blend of earthy notes and patchouli, with lavender, lemon, smoke and apple fragrance notes inspired by Paco Rabanne’s Phantom.

It’ll exfoliate off any dry or dead skin and give an energising cleanse.


M.V.P bath bomb

It’s the bath bomb for M.V.Ps, inspired by Creed Aventus – fragrance notes of bergamot, jasmine, and patchouli on a bed of oakmoss make this scent as intoxicating as it is luxurious.

Expect some bold blue bubbles, too.


* Not affiliated with the company, scents are an inspiration of the original


Why is this any different than any other bath and body set I could get?

Well, first of all, it’s budget friendly – you’re getting three full-sized, vegan and cruelty-free products for £15.95.

Better yet, you don’t even have to wrap it!

Plus, if you know that your dad loves designer scents, you’re giving him a full line-up of products with scents inspired by his favourites at a fraction of the cost.

Now, sure… you could pick up some Lynx, Nivea, Bulldog, or maybe even L’Occitane if your mum has helped to pick the gift, but we can also guarantee that our products contain skin-loving ingredients.

Whether it’s the organic, unrefined shea butter and vitamin-rich grapeseed oil of the whipped soap that leaves skin hydrated and smooth, or the vegetable glycerin that locks moisture into the skin in the soap sponge, or the gentle cleansers of the M.V.P. bath bomb, all of our products contain ethically sourced ingredients that are actually good for skin.

No panicking over duplicating the same gift you got him last year.

No worrying about finding something to wrap or put it in (a Tesco bag isn’t going to cut it).

Just three full-sized, designer scent-inspired products for your dad to relax with.


We’d recommend moving quickly!

We sold out of this set before Christmas, which tells you how popular it’s been!

Beyond that, though, it’s also great to just tick it off your list ahead of time and not have to worry about anything else.

Now go forth and conquer… no socks required!


Psssst – we also have much more than that.

We have a full range of products perfect for Father’s Day, including more whipped soap, soap sponges, bath bombs, room spray, and luxury fragrance (without the luxury price tag).

Take a peek at our Father’s Day Gifts page to see what tickles your fancy.



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