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Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift? Sorted.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift? Sorted.

Showing up empty-handed. Getting left on read. Sitting at a table in a restaurant by yourself. The silent treatment.

Talk about the beginning of a top 10 list of Valentine no-nos, right?

At Scentish, we understand the value of a well-timed gift that doesn’t cost the earth itself and your sanity – it probably helps that the majority of our team are women and are all too familiar with the last-minute Cadbury’s milk tray and flowers combo.

We’re here to offer you something convenient, affordable, and most importantly, extremely enjoyable for your significant other.

You won’t be getting left on re(a)d with our Be Mine giftset, that’s for sure!

It’s a box of 5 sweetly scented wellbeing goods, from the luxurious perfume inspired All On Red bath bomb and the hydrating and silky cherry lip balm… it’s enough to keep your valentine smelling sweet and feeling relaxed!

Plus, your money can go even further with this pre-wrapped goodness by getting 20% off ANY perfume or aftershave on our website when you buy this giftset.

And if that isn’t up your street, I guess our range of handmade, vegan bath bombs, whipped soaps, fragrance and other wellbeing products will have to suffice (for a very reasonable price!).

It just makes scents 🤌
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