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It’s beginning to look a little different ...

It’s beginning to look a little different ...

We’ve been keeping a secret from you all..... It’s our new look for Scentish!  

From last year we knew we wanted to change our branding to make it more consistent and show more of our fun personality. We started rebranding late last year and we are finally here with our brand-new look that fits with 2023 perfectly. This year, it is the Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit, a symbol of prosperity. So, what better way to launch our whole rebrand and new look than this year.  

We have upgraded the names of our products and packaging labels to keep the originality and independent feel of our business that you love. Of course, we loved our OG names, but at last it was time for a glow up, the scents and ingredients are still the identical high quality, vegan and cruelty free formulation that encourages your skin to be the best form. The names are now distinctive and individual to us, just like Unicorn Sparkle, these names suggest and incorporate the idea behind the product scent.  

Our packaging has also been revitalised and renewed; our brand-new packaging may be seen at a store near you very soon. The new updated packaging has been specially designed by the founders and directors of Scentish so it is very much tailored by us for you.  

Please don’t panic about this change, our products still contain all the goodness from natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. Out team still makes everything on site, so you can enjoy freshly made, quality products that are inexpensive.  

Lastly our new website, designed with your usability and mobile functionality in mind, so that it is easier to shop or save items to your favourites. We have a reward points scheme (yay!) which you can now earn points as you shop to get money off, free shipping, and extra freebies. We’ve added beautiful accent colours, such as the blues, pinks and purples that fulfil our friendly and upbeat personality. We’ve lowered the price of our subscription boxes to £15 plus shipping, this means you can have high quality products for less, we will always add over the value, and you’ll get exclusive sneak peeks too. We’ve added videos so that you can see the products more being made, we have this on our TikTok and if you don’t already follow the username is @scentishshop. We do TikTok Shop Lives everyday too, so if you’re looking for an hour or two of chaos and chat with extra discounts head over there.  

That’s everything that new with us, we hope you love the new look and feel as much as we do.  

Ultimately, we want to thank you so much for supporting our independent business, without you we really would not be able to do what we love. 

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