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It’s not us… it’s (all thanks to) you!

It’s not us… it’s (all thanks to) you!

When Scentish first started in a small kitchen as a side-hobby, we had no idea we’d end up where we are now.

Between spending time at fairs and markets every weekend for about 12 months and making products until 1 or 2am to making over £1m turnover in 2023, it’s been one hell of a journey!

Benchmarks were never really on our radar. From the beginning, it’s been a lot of rolling our sleeves up and getting in on the (bath bomb) action, because we’re more concerned about great products at reasonable prices than we are about telling everyone how great our business is.

(Smug selfie in front of a new car, anyone?)

Even with all of our hard work, none of this would matter if it wasn’t for our customers.

I mean, what good is accidentally – maybe sometimes intentionally, until mistakes were learned the hard way – eating bits of bath bomb whilst working away if not one soul is interested in buying them?

We’re super chuffed to reach the £1m benchmark, but what we’re more chuffed about is the fact that you’ve supported us to get there and prove that wellbeing doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

Plus, you stop us from getting massive heads and being egotistical LinkedIn maniacs… So really, this thanks goes to you!

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