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Summer is here at Scentish

Summer is here at Scentish

Baths aren't just for winter, there is nothing better than finishing off the day and getting in the bath, so why does it seem frowned upon in Summer. Having a lukewarm bath can be beneficial to cool your body temperature down to stop you from overheating. 

With summer finally here, it is about time we launch our summer collection added in with a range of tropical scented bath bombs to keep you at smelling fresh throughout the hotter months.   

Our range includes some cocktail inspired scents like Pina Colada and other sweet, fruit scents like Mango & Papaya and Cotton Candy. It’s like a holiday in a tropical paradise!  

One of our favourites must be the Scoops Ahoy, it’s slightly smaller than a standard shaped bath bomb but does pack a punch. It’s a little pot of ice cream scented in a sweet Buttercream, Sponge and Raspberry, so perfect for those with a sweet tooth.  

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