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New and Limited

New and Limited

We have been listening to what you guys want us to make, and we had been overwhelmed with requests to make more products in our Magical Funland scent. The scent is already available in a Best-Selling Bath Bomb, but we have listened to you wanting it in more.  

So, introducing our NEW LIMITED EDITION MAGICAL FUNLAND SHOWER WHIP! With gorgeous aromas of Cranberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla and Musk, it transports you on a magical journey to find the land of fun – which is always here at Scentish.  

Would you believe that this is our first shower whip made with 4 colours; pastel blue, yellow, red and purple have been layered to show a beautiful effect. We decided not the swirl the colours together like the classic Unicorn Sparkle as it is a limited product, we wanted it to be unique from the others.  

If you haven’t tried our shower whips, you are missing out! They are one of our best-selling products and the perfect companion for any shower or even as a bubble bath. It is made with gentle cleansers that clean skin from any impurities whilst having added moisturising properties to hydrate the skin. Our special ingredients of Grapeseed Oil and Shea Butter contain Vitamin E which helps to lock moisture in. In addition to this, there has been research found to suggest that the ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties to calm skin problems. Shower whips are just amazing!  

Are there other scents you want us to create in other products? Let us know by contact us HERE.

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